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Product Specifics On Quality: Pinky-White meat, very mild tasting, very unique sweetness, medium firm fillets.

Primarily Sold As: Whole, fillets or corned.

Culinary: Baked, broiled, fried, grilled or used in stew or chowders.

Characteristics:  There are many types of Hake, but what is most commonly sold in Maine is White Hake -Urophycis tenuis or Red Hake - Urophycis chuss.  It is often an overlooked fish but is very good.  Many a downeaster will tell you about Corned Hake.  Fresh hake raw, is pink and white to an off-white and has a opalescences appearance to it.  When cooked, it turns white to an off-white.  It can be hard to find from time to time, but when available it is generally abundant.

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