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Product Specifics On Quality:  Buttery, delicate, delicious white meat, a cross between a flounder/sole and a halibut.

Primarily Sold As: Whole or fillet

Culinary:  Baked, broiled, fried, sautéed or poached

Characteristic:  Fluke - Paralichthys dentatus - or Summer Flounder - Like other flat fish, it has eyes on one side of its head: the left side.  It is sometimes called the left-handed flat fish.  It’s eyes are on the upper surface of the fish when it faces left,  where Atlantic sole and flounders are right-eyed.  Fluke has the ability to change color to match the bottom of the ocean floor.  This serves two purposes; first it provides camouflage against the flukes enemies, and secondly it makes it harder for the flukes prey to see him.  It is truly a great fish to serve very simply.

Fluke - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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