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Flounder / Sole

Product Specifics On Quality: - Meat can be light tan to pink to pure white; lean, should be boneless and flaky, with a very mild flavor.

Primarily Sold As: Whole or fillets

Culinary: Baked, broiled, fried, sauteed or poached.

Characteristic: Hippoglossidae, Paralighthyidae, Pleuronectidae, Bothidae and Achiridae, is among 540 species that belong to the family of side swimmers and are  found throughout the world.  All commercially harvested soles and flounders from North America are right-eyed, except for fluke.  When flounders are hatched they have eyes on both sides of their head; during their growth process, their eyes migrate to one side of their heads.  Flounders market size is 1 to 5 pounds, depending on the species.  The taste and the texture can vary a little from specie to specie.  Yellowtail flounder, lemon sole and gray sole are probably the most common and well liked.  Generally, there is always some specie of fresh flounder available year round.

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