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Oyster - Winterpoints

product Harvest Location: Mill Cove, West Bath, Maine
Grow Out Method: Grown from seed in nursery bags in the nutrient rich water of Mill Cove.  Once the oysters have reached a transferable size they are then brought to the bottom of the cove and placed in grow out trays for a period of six to nine months.  They are then moved for the final time to the bottom of Mill Cove and hand planted in the hard clay bottom, where they remain until harvested.  Winterpoints are harvested year round.
Flavor & Appearance: Winterpoints are a very consistent oyster in size, shape and flavor, making them a favorite with many raw bars.  Deep cups, with thick shells, which makes them easy to open. Plump meat with a crisp, salty, clean flavor.

Oyster - Winterpoints - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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