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product Specifics on Quality: Top quality anchovies should have firm flesh, bright eyes, and a robust flavor.
Primarily Sold As: Fresh, canned, dried, smoked, jarred in oil or a paste.
Culinary: Baked, fried, sauteed.
Characteristic:  Anchovies are related to the herring family and there are approximately 16 different species of them found in American waters.  In the US most anchovies are used for bait, in Europe they are adored as a food source.  Most people in the United States first get introduced to them either on a pizza or atop a salad, it is usually not in the fresh form.  Anchovies in the United States and elsewhere are marketed in several forms, salted, canned in oil with and without capers, smoked, dried or in a tube in the form of paste.
Here at Harbor Fish we bring them in fresh from the Atlantic which is a Spanish Anchovy, they tend to be larger and we also import them fresh from the Mediterranean which tends to be the smaller size.

Anchovy - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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