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Oyster - St. Simon

product Harvest Location -Shippagan, New Brunswick, Canada in the marshes of the Arcadian Peninsula.
Grow Out Method - Grown from wild caught oyster seeds, pulled off a spat collector at one inch in size.  From there to floating bags, in the fall the oysters are lowered down to the bottom to avoid the harshness of winter.  In winter when the ice forms the harvesters drive out on the ice with trucks and cut through the ice with chain saws and the oysters are then pulled through the ice using long lines.
Flavor & Appearance - St. Simon has a thick edge which creates a better seal which means better retention of liquor.  The flavor is clean and salty, in winter the salinity increases, as much of the fresh water is locked into the surface ice.
Availability- Nearly year round, Nov & April can be a problem.

Oyster - St. Simon - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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