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Jonah Leg Meat Only - Crabmeat

product Specifics On Quality: Sweet, delicate, exquisite flavor to a pink/white meat.

Primarily Sold As: Live - price per pound, cocktail claws or cooked picked fresh meat.

Culinary: Live - plain or spiced boiled, cooked picked meat, chowders, stuffing sandwiches or salads.

Characteristic: Jonah Crabs (cancer borealis), are found from Atlantic Canada to the Carolina area.  The crab itself is oval in shape with very large front claws in comparison to the size of its body.  The meat is very delicate, soft and scrumptious.  One of the sweetest crabs around. This crabmeat is exactly as stated, all leg meat no body meat, so if you like nice chunks of crabmeat this is the crabmeat for you.

Jonah Leg Meat Only - Crabmeat - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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