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Tongues & Cheeks

product Specifics On Quality: Moist looking, pinky white, with a grayish white skin on the tongues.

Primarily Sold As: Price per pound.

Culinary: Saute, fried or baked.

Characteristic:  In New England and in the maritime provinces of Canada, there is a dish lots of people are familiar with called Tongues & Cheeks; most commonly produced from Cod.  People from this region are also known not to waste anything and in particular food.  When we have the extra man power to cut these from the head of the Cod, we put them in the retail store and it is not uncommon for someone to walk in and buy all we have.  People that love them are thrilled when they find them.  They are labor intensive to produce, but if you enjoy eating them, they are worth the price.  They are usually fried like you would a scallop.  The smaller tongues tend to be less gelatinous.  The cheeks tend to be firmer then the flesh of the fish.  In restaurants, in the Canadian maritime, tongues and cheeks are a very common item served as a meal.  In some upper end restaurants in southern New England they are touted as more of a delicacy.

Tongues & Cheeks - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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