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product Specifics on Quality: Lean, delicate light flavor with a coarse grain.

Primarily Sold As: Whole

Culinary: Grilled skin on, fried, broiled, baked or poached.

Characteristic: Scup - Stenotomus chrysops - Also known as Porgy; they can be found from Maine (in the warmer months), to North Carolina.  They are silvery in color with a blue hue to them and a white belly.  Usually brought to market weighing between 1/2 Lb. to 2 Lbs.  They are a schooling fish and can be found around piers, ledges, or any rock outcroppings.  They feed on small crabs and other crustaceans, but are also prey for other large predatory fish.                

Scup - currently available at the Harbor Fish Market retail store.

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