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Product Specifics On Quality: Mild flavor, white flaky and tender

Primarily Sold As: Whole fish

Culinary: Grilled, pan sauté, roasted

Characteristic: Dorade - Sparus aurata - A small fish usually weighing between 1Lb. to 2.00 Lbs. when it comes to market.  Dorade has white flesh, almost buttery in flavor.  Dorade is a very popular fish in europe and depending on where you are in the world you can find it under other names such as Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Gilt-head and Dorada.
Most Dorade brought to the U.S. market is being farmed primarily in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.  This fish has been a success story for European aquaculture.  The fish brings a good price at market, and has a high survival rate.  In the wild the fish likes sandy bottom area in the surf zone.  They enjoy feeding on crustaceans such as mussels. Dorade is a great fish to cook whole with lemon and herb stuffed in the belly, you can pan sauté, grill or oven roast.

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