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Maine Crabmeat

product Quality Specifics: Very sweet, moist looking, very fine and flaky white meat tinged with pink.

Primarily sold as: 8 oz. container or 1 Lb. containers

Culinary: Crabcake, stuffing, sandwich, casserole, cocktail, salad.

Maine Crabmeat – is harvested from one of two crabs, Rock Crabs (Cancer Irroratus) or Jonah Crabs (Cancer Borealis).
Maine crabmeat is incredibly sweet, flaky, delicate white meat with a pink tinge to it.  Maine crabmeat is a fully cooked product, and very tedious to pick from it’s shell.  It is always wise when using Maine crabmeat to feel for shells in the meat before you make anything with it.
The flavor of the meat is one of the sweetest crabmeats there is.  A small creature with a big flavor.

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