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Sardines - Fresh

product Specifics On Quality: Somewhat firm, clear eyes, with a clean ocean smell.

Primarily Sold As: Whole fresh or canned

Culinary: Fresh - Charcoal broiled, pan fried, broiled or smoked.
Canned - Sold packed in oil or other various sauces either fillets or steak form.

Fresh Sardines - The name Sardine, is a term, like scrod is a term for a small white fish. Sardine is a term for a juvenile fish from the herring family.  Which can include, pilchard, Atlantic herring or blue back herring to name a few. The names origin comes from the island of "Sardinia" in the Mediterranean, where the canning process started.  At one time the canning of sardines was a big business in Maine.   Some towns in Maine like Lubec and Eastport were hard hit by the collapse of this industry, and canning plants now lie dormant as windows into the past of what was a very lucrative industry.  Fresh Sardines however are still enjoyed all over the world.

Sardines - Fresh - currently unavailable. Please contact us for suggested substitutions.

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