An Honest
Fish Market

Located just a stone's throw from the Old Port and presided over by three plain-spoken brothers, Harbor Fish Market is one of Portland's enduring bastions of authenticity"
By Virginia Wright - Down East Magazine

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Selling Top Quality Lobsters, Seafood and Fish For Over 40 Years

Located on the historic Portland, Maine waterfront, Harbor Fish Market is a Maine family owned and operated business for over 40 years. Committed to selling top quality fish, seafood and lobsters.

Come to the market that most locals choose!

We pack and ship our live lobsters, fresh fish and seafood right to your door or office. Shipping is available to most U.S. locations via Federal Express. Great for gift giving occasions and corporate incentives.

Visit our Seafood Market for great seafood and helpful advice. We carry:

North Atlantic ground fish, which is caught right off the coast of Maine. We feel it is truly some of the best fish the worlds' oceans have to offer. Our fish is harvested by generations of Maine fishing families and inspected by our buyers who have years of experience in selecting the best of the catch. We are fully HACCP approved.

Shellfish is abundant on the coast of Maine as well. We carry seafood that dreams are made of, from freshly harvested mussels; to freshly hand dug steamer clams. If oysters are your choice, we always carry a wide variety. We also have scallops the size of large marshmallows, that will melt in your mouth. And if you have never tried Maine crabmeat nothing beats the sweet delicate flavor of our small coldwater crab.

If Lobster is your passion, ours are harvested from the depths of the cold north Atlantic. Our Lobsters are never stored in any chemically made ocean water, which taints the flavor of the meat, giving it that supermarket taste. Our Lobsters are sweet and succulent and make a totally decadent meal.

Our list doesn't stop there; we carry a full line of fresh smoked seafood and fish, ranging from smoked salmon, trout, and mackerel, to scallops, shrimp and mussels. All smoked right here in downeast Maine, (if you can figure out where that is!).

We are also known for the widest selection of seasonal fresh imported fish and seafood from all over the world. Our imported products come from several locations, such as the southern and northern Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean, Europe and the Mediterranean area as well.

We also carry an extensive line of top quality frozen products, we carry several varieties, sizes and types of shrimp from all over the globe to, award winning chowder made right here in Maine. We also carry kelp noodles, blind robbins (smoked salted herring), and salt cod (baccala). We even have our own logo wear.